Why hiring a licensed contractor is so important

The DBPR (The Department of Business and Professional Regulation licenses) and the Better Business Bureau has made it easy for consumers to verify a pool contractor’s license online. By visiting MyFloridaLicense.com along with the (bbb.org/us) consumers are able to identify and verify pool contractors by license type and learn what services each type of licensee can provide.

Swimming pool specialty contractor licenses are issued in the areas of layout, structural, excavation, trim, decking, piping, and finishes.

Any time a hired individual installs or takes apart equipment that is permanently attached to and associated with the pool for cleaning or water treatment, a license is required.

Professionals who install hot tubs and in-ground spas also require a DBPR license.

Pool cleaning and water treatment does not require a DBPR license.

Here are some tips to help consumers protect themselves against unlicensed activity:

• Always ask to see the State of Florida license.

• Note the license number and verify that the license is current and in good standing.

To check a license, visit BBB.org and MyFloridaLicense.com.

• Do not pay cash and be cautious of writing checks made payable to individuals, especially when dealing with a company.

• Get everything in writing, including a detailed description of the work to be completed, with the total cost.


We encourage every consumer to verify and hire a licensed contractor by the state of Florida. We cannot stress just how important this is not only for peace of mind but for liability issues as well.



Caring for your pool with the proper maintenance and water chemistry is crucial to a healthy and safe swimming environment. Without proper care your pool can be in danger for harboring many different types of bacteria that can cause and in some cases serious illness. Maintaining the proper PH and Chemical levels will increase the quality and life of your pool finish and keeps the water clear.