Design Trends

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A pool is no longer just a pool. Instead, it has become the focal point of an elaborate outdoor living space that may include everything from an outdoor kitchen and dining area to a fire pit and wet bar.

Because of the increased emphasis on outdoor entertaining, the aquascape of tomorrow will continue to evolve. Increasingly, the way a pool looks will be just as important as the way it functions. A lap pool, for example, will not simply serve as a space for aquatic exercise, it should also be a stunning, illuminated water feature to be enjoyed by patio passersby, home owners and of course when entertaining guests. Consumers are on the lookout for greater choices when it comes to “water architecture” (the way water is circulated back to the pool.)  Water architecture often involves fountains, water cannons, L.E.D. Lighting and water features, and pool buyers really enjoy a growing array of style options now, whether they are drawn to laminar-flow systems, bubblers or deck-mounted jets. Fountain work, using both real and faux rock, is also extremely popular.

Fire elements are very popular in pool designs as well. Both natural-gas propane and wood-burning fire pits have been popular poolside attractions for years, however there is something both powerful and dramatic about juxtaposing fire and water in a pool design.
Other popular design elements and beyond include beach entries, tanning shelves, underwater benches, bars with in-pool seating, vanishing edges, sleek straight coping edges and full-perimeter overflows.

While freeform and natural-looking pools are still extremely popular, the sleeker style, geometric-inspired pool design, is also very popular. Whatever shape of pool you prefer you can be assured we can build a pool which also provides a suitable recreational space for the family as well as transform your backyard to your aesthetic pleasure.