Phases of Construction

Having a general idea of the pool construction process can make the whole experience easier.

Engineering / Permits
After you the client decide on the design you want, engineered plans are finalized and permits are pulled by the company / contractor.

Excavation and shell
Our crew places stakes on your property following the layout of the pool with extra room for the concrete and steel.  Heavy equipment is brought in to dig and remove dirt.  Reinforcing bars are installed.  An inspection is required during this phase.  A concrete crew will form the shell.  Building inspectors and weather can unfortunately cause unexpected delays which may affect time frames.

Tile / Plumbing
Plumbing lines are installed below the surface and equipment will be installed.  An inspection may be required in your area. Water line tile is installed usually during this phase.

Decking / Grading
The ground is graded for the deck and the deck is formed and installed.

Equipment / Electric
A licensed electrician who specializes in pools and spas will perform the necessary electrical work. Installation of equipment is done. Pools must be enclosed by a screen, a fence or a wall.

Child Safety
The Barrier Law ( also known as the Child Safety Act ) requires door and window alarms or an approved safety pool cover, self-closing, self-latching doors, or a safety fence be installed.

Interior Finish
The interior finish you have selected is performed and the pool will be filled with water. Please note if you should have “Well Water” then water tanks will be used to fill the pool.

Final Cleanup / Grading
The crew will remove any construction materials and level the ground around the pool.

Balancing / Start-up
Instruction will be given on how to properly maintain your new pool and how to add chemicals, etc.