What To Expect 

1. Time it takes to build

Dig to swim: Varies based on scope of project, your contractor and things out of everyone’s control.  But it is always a good time to do it!  Keep in mind that Florida’s rainy season and holidays can cause delays.

2. Permits / Inspections

Permits will be pulled by our company and inspections scheduled as necessary.  Any contractor / company cannot guarantee they can get an inspector to come out the moment they have completed a portion of the project that requires an inspection.

3. Weather

One day of rain can delay a week plus.  If forecast is for rain it can still affect progress.

4. Change orders / materials

Any time you change what you want for the project, including materials and finishes, the project will be delayed and additional costs may be incurred.

5. Production

Should be based on weekly progress, not daily

6. Utilities

When digging, waterline, utilities many underground, obstructions not able to be located, old sewer lines, sceptics, etc. – Speak with us to understand what possible delays and costs could be incurred if an issue arises.

7. Access

What is required beyond ability to get in the backyard – what is around the project?  Building a pool is a big project!